double double toil and trouble

assignment: first 2: double negative, 3rd: in-camera double exposure
medium: silver gelatin
model: Anna Dollins
comments: these turned out surprisingly well for how much stress they caused me! the in camera double exposure took me two tries. i shot the first roll using my friend Alex, but the exposures didn't line up at ALL. so that night i set up a macro studio on my desk and shot until 2:00 am.
The double negatives were a miracle. I shot 1.5 rolls of film of Anna. My vision was to make a double negative fashion image that you might see in a magazine or something. When i went to develop the film, I totally spaced and completely ruined the film. Stupid stupid stupid emma. So, I shot another roll in about half an hour, and luckily, I got some awesome images!

on this one her face miraculously was exactly the same on both negatives so it lined up almost seamlessly!