Kelly Family | Utah Family Photographer

I remember the day these two were married. It was like april 12 or something right? I was in sixth grade, and I got to skip school to go to their wedding at the Washington D.C. LDS temple. (pretty exciting!) My dad photographed for them, and I photographed as well on my little canon point and shoot. (Those were still the days of film, so seeing the pictures the day of pretty much blew everybody's mind)
Anyways, now Jen and Mike have a baby! Little Elea is so sweet.  I was so excited when Jen asked me to do their family pictures! It rained on us a little bit, which wouldn't have been so bad except that we were worried about the baby getting cold. But she was a trooper and I think we got some good shots!
Tonight also happened to be the night that Pat was away on a BYU Lacrosse camp out as part of the first week of tryouts. Obviously, I am lonely, and therefore have been editing for about 5 hours straight. I loved working on these images, and couldn't wait any longer to share them.
So, here are some of my favorites from today.