Annie & Ryan: Engagements

Meet Annie and Ryan. Annie and I were roommates during our freshman year at BYU. Man, I don't know what I would have done without her. All those middle of the night dance parties by ourselves in the kitchen, riding her bike on campus while i pulled her on her rollerblades by a jumprope, borrowing her clothes when I had nothing to wear, spending an entire Sunday afternoon building the most amazing fort in the kitchen (which we left up until we had to take it down for cleaning checks), oh and that time that we went to Santa Barbara for her birthday...
So many good times back then. 

I met Ryan for the first time the day we shot these engagements. I knew I liked him when he volunteered to be my stylist for the day. (He is really good at doing hair...HA) Basically, Ryan is perfect for Annie and Annie is perfect for Ryan. I am so happy they found each other! 

Here are some of my favorites from that day... don't they look beautiful even though they were literally frozen? It was so cold up in the mountains, but they were troopers and put up with me telling them to do stuff. Good job, guys. You're hotties. 

couldn't resist posting this outtake. too good.

pure happiness right there