Briar Handmade

We received our Briar Handmade Bonnet this week and I couldn't wait to take some pictures of baby girl wearing it! I love how clean and simple this bonnet is- it could definitely go with any outfit. But more importantly… it's stinking adorable and may make you want to pinch and kiss those chubby cheeks even more than usual!

These heirloom bonnets are made in the USA out of the finest natural materials. Only the best for our babies am I right? 

And guess what? They are releasing a sun bonnet collection in mid May that looks just like the one Addie is wearing except it has a brim to shade their faces! I might just have to get one because I am paranoid about her soft baby skin getting sun burned. 

Adelaide is wearing the Briar Basics Ivory Linen Bonnet size 6-12 months. 

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