we went to the zoo.

Last week we were in a little town called Greenville, South Carolina for Pat's Lacrosse tournament. After all the games were over, we decided it would be fun to go to the zoo! It was by no means a huge zoo, but the animals were anything but boring. We had so much fun walking around and making new animal friends!

Elli LOVED the animals. She literally couldn't get enough!


I started this roll of film in October 2012. Just barely finished it about a month ago. It was a roll of Ilford Delta 400 from my freshman film class. Shot on my father-in-law's Canon A1. Love that 24 mm.

A Moab kind of Sunday

Arches National Park in Moab, Utah has always been a special place for Pat and me. We went there shortly after we decided to get married. This was around Thanksgiving. Pat lugged around my 4x5 camera so I could take photographs for my Advanced Black and White class at BYU. Also on this day, was when Pat's mom said "so I
hear that you two have some exciting news!" 
The second time we went to Moab together was on our honeymoon. We took a day trip away from the lake house at Scofield to float down the Colorado river in a blow up raft.
Shortly after our honeymoon, we took a last minute camping trip with our Apartment managers and good friends Riley and Talia. We camped in the Negro Bill campsite which is right next to the CO River. It was so much fun! 
Since this winter was relentlessly brutal, Pat and I were itching to get back to the red rocks in Moab. So that's what we did. After we taught our sunday school class (15 year olds... eek!) we packed up the car and drove the almost 3 hours to Moab. We decided to see the arches that we hadn't seen before. Usually we just do Delicate arch, but this time we decided to see landscape arch, and sand dune arch. It was such a beautiful day, and I was so glad to spend it with just Pat! Days like this are my favorite. Life can't get much better than exploring outside on a sunny day with your best friend. 

family is a great thing.

Last weekend my family got together to celebrate and honor the life of our late grandmother, Mary Jean Rus.  She passed away a few months ago, but didn't want a funeral. So stories were shared, and memories remembered. It was a beautiful service. She was and still is so loved and respected.  

On that same day, was our grandfather's birthday. Jan Rus is 90 years old! Way to go, Granddad.  Here are some photographs from his birthday party, as well as some from their house in Laguna Hills.  We are really going to miss that place. There were so many memories in that home.  It was weird and sad to be there when it was so empty and cold. Literally, it was freezing inside. 

Anyways, it was a bittersweet day in California.