For the Words

i've never really quite gotten the hang of being a consistent blogger.
this is how it goes:
i'll be bored one night, make a new blog {}
maybe be consistent for a few weeks,
and then the fire of bloggerness will fade away
and i will post maybe once a month because i feel obligated.
i also abandoned blogs for tumbler and the pinterest monster.
i say monster because i think i was addicted to it for a while.
anyways, this all seems silly to me.
i kinda wanna have a blog where i put everything --
my pictures
and my words.
so here goes:
this is my attempt to be a blogger.

today (actually this whole weekend) i didn't do anything i should have
because i have been missing my best friend/love of my life while he is
playing lacrosse in minnesota. one of the things he has taught me is
that writing is helpful to understand your own thoughts and feelings.

right now i'm listening to this.
i came across it on grooveshark.
i decided i should listen to new music every day.
because i've been listening to my ipod nano from
high school.
because my ipod touch broke. first world problems... :/
my point is that high school musical and the jonas brothers
keep invading my shuffle.

today's happy thought is that
i'm getting married in 74 days!