Hey everybody!  I am raising my rates starting on January 1, 2014. And because I love y'all so much I am running a little promotional thing until then! 

Here's the deal: book me*** to photograph your family, your wedding, your birth story, whatever you want me to capture BEFORE Jan. 1, and you'll get 2013 pricing even if your session or wedding is in 2014. 

***Shoot me an email, we'll set up a time to meet and make your non-refundable booking retainer (20% of your session fee), and we will figure out a way to make all your dreams come true.

2014 is going to be amazing you guys, I can just feel it! Seriously. Call me. I want to meet you and bring my camera along for the adventure. See you soon!

ants in my pants

i have this problem where when i have pictures i am really excited about, i can't do anything else until i have finished editing them. the only problem with today is this: I have two sets of photos from two different shoots, both of which i just want to finish because i love them so much. too bad i have a paper due on monday that i am only halfway finished with! so i'm forcing myself to quit photoshop and open word. i can do this.
for now, here's a preview from the first shoot of the day, the Heckathorns. Now do you understand why i don't want to stop looking at these images? yeah, they're beautiful people.

good days

things that made me happy today

had my first ever blt today
pulled out my digital for the first time in a few weeks
bought my first iron today
bought a 2 disc ladysmith black mambazo cd
jim and pam
went to the mount timpanogos temple with husband
pat bought me a soft serve cone
we rode our bike (singular) to velour
to watch our favorite band play (the mighty sequoyah)
TMS played my favorite song
saw a 3 wheeled car..the steering wheel was on the right

pictures tomorrow

tuesday at school

just 3 weeks after our marriage, we started school again! pat is taking an online class, and i am taking 2 classes on campus.

everyday except for friday, i wake up at 6:00 am (actually more like 6:30 after i hit snooze) to go to my 7:00 weight lifting class. it isn't really a class because we can do whatever we want. but i like it because i get to use the gym even though i'm not a full time student during this term.
i'm also taking statistics. i was going to take calculus, but everyone told me stats was easier. so there ya go.
and i'm still working part time in the special collections of the library on campus.

utah valley has been extremely warm for the past week.  i can't even walk barefoot anymore because the ground burns my feet. we are so lucky to have AC in this apartment.
we are also grateful for nice apartment managers who let us borrow their vacuum! the one that came with the apartment is so broken that it blows the dust into the air. stupid airdevil. we vacuumed for the first time since i moved in on april 28th. gross, i know. the carpet almost looks nice now!

today i took a test in the testing center. there were 6 other people taking tests. i love summer term!


 we went to a REAL SALT LAKE game with dan, pj, and the kids. look at pj! she's super mom.
Max likes to explore
matching newlyweds

I went grocery shopping at winco. IT'S MY NEW FAVORITE STORE! everything is so cheap, and they sell a lot of stuff in bulk which = really cheap! i discovered that a good way for me to not overspend when i go grocery shopping is for me to pay with cash. that way, i don't let myself buy random stuff that i want, but don't need.

Also, i would just like to say that this is the season for weddings and stuff. by stuff i mean people getting engaged. i don't know if it's just how old i am, that i know people getting married, but including myself, i know of at least 15 couples that were married in the last 2 months, or will be married by the end of the summer.

the wedding i am the most excited for is my brother's! Donald and Amy are getting married in august woohoo!!! the ceremony will be on the beach of lake tahoe, and the reception will be held at a nearby church. it's going to be the best!
yay for all the people getting married! it's the best!

welp, that's all i've got for now. enjoy your tuesdayyyy

i'm a wife

once again i'm blogging because other people rock at blogging, and i'm amateur and can't blog on a regular basis. so thanks bloggers for inspiring me! today it was annie, sometimes it's alex, sometimes it's you. 

anyways, it's all ok because one of the most important things in our lives are the people in it! So i figure it's just as awesome to be inspired to do something by someone other than yourself than it is to be completely and solely self motivated.

 a lot of the time i am stressed out thinking about school and stuff and it's so stupid because i should be enjoying every minute i have with my fam damily and friends!

ok that's about as sappy as i can get. but really. family is so cool. 
i got married exactly 2 weeks and 10 hours ago to my best friend, love of my life, and greatest example. 

on the day of our wedding i was completely overwhelmed by the outpouring of love shown by our family and friends who worked so hard to make our day the best day. seriously, thank you
i literally cried that day because people are so nice and i can never repay everyone for their sweat and tears over my wedding! 

after the big day...

we had the best honeymoon i could ask for. no jet plane to an exotic beach, no cruise ship on the deep blue. just my husband and me on the open road in a pickup. scofield reservoir, the perfect amount of wind for a sailing day on the catamaran, reading on the porch overlooking the water, midnight canoeing with a full moon, lots of planet earth dvds, floating down the colorado river in the rubber ducky, and of course being with my pat! 

we officially moved into our apartment together. playing house is fun. (except for that one day that i did 7 loads of laundry) (also except for that one time i sliced my fingertip while washing a new and very sharp knife..why did i think it was a good idea to hand wash it? oh yeah. i thought it would keep it sharper longer. nice.) but mostly it's fun! 

lacrosse scrimmages started again! i forgot that i missed lax and all the laxers...

i became re-addicted to pinterest. it's just too fun to look at houses and ideas to make your house cuter/more space efficient/more awesome. 

became officially obsessed with this song. it literally makes me dance. i can't sit still if it is playing. 

props to cousin michelle for this picture