i'm a wife

once again i'm blogging because other people rock at blogging, and i'm amateur and can't blog on a regular basis. so thanks bloggers for inspiring me! today it was annie, sometimes it's alex, sometimes it's you. 

anyways, it's all ok because one of the most important things in our lives are the people in it! So i figure it's just as awesome to be inspired to do something by someone other than yourself than it is to be completely and solely self motivated.

 a lot of the time i am stressed out thinking about school and stuff and it's so stupid because i should be enjoying every minute i have with my fam damily and friends!

ok that's about as sappy as i can get. but really. family is so cool. 
i got married exactly 2 weeks and 10 hours ago to my best friend, love of my life, and greatest example. 

on the day of our wedding i was completely overwhelmed by the outpouring of love shown by our family and friends who worked so hard to make our day the best day. seriously, thank you
i literally cried that day because people are so nice and i can never repay everyone for their sweat and tears over my wedding! 

after the big day...

we had the best honeymoon i could ask for. no jet plane to an exotic beach, no cruise ship on the deep blue. just my husband and me on the open road in a pickup. scofield reservoir, the perfect amount of wind for a sailing day on the catamaran, reading on the porch overlooking the water, midnight canoeing with a full moon, lots of planet earth dvds, floating down the colorado river in the rubber ducky, and of course being with my pat! 

we officially moved into our apartment together. playing house is fun. (except for that one day that i did 7 loads of laundry) (also except for that one time i sliced my fingertip while washing a new and very sharp knife..why did i think it was a good idea to hand wash it? oh yeah. i thought it would keep it sharper longer. nice.) but mostly it's fun! 

lacrosse scrimmages started again! i forgot that i missed lax and all the laxers...

i became re-addicted to pinterest. it's just too fun to look at houses and ideas to make your house cuter/more space efficient/more awesome. 

became officially obsessed with this song. it literally makes me dance. i can't sit still if it is playing. 

props to cousin michelle for this picture