since i can remember, i have always been fascinated with twins.
i think it started with my love for the olson twins. {remember this? and this?}
then i saw the parent trap. it was, still is, and probably will always be one of my favorites.
i never took the time to figure out why i thought twins were "so cool" until recently.
here are some things that captivate my attention.
i love the fact that twins are born with an innate relationship.
they're hard wired to have a sense of knowingness between one another.
they understand feelings- physical and emotional.
maybe i'm idealizing their relationship.
maybe i have a picture perfect idea about finishing eachother's sentences and accidentally wearing the same outfit on the same day.
or, maybe not.

for obvious reasons, i don't have anywhere near a full understanding of what it's like to be a twin.
perhaps my longing to experience this or even just to understand it is what drives my fascination.
because as the youngest of three children by ten and twelve years, i haven't had the experience of having a sibling close in age, let alone the same age as me.

twins are cool. this is the beginning of a project i am planning to do for at least a year.
i want to photograph as many twins as i can, and ask them about their experience as a twin and what it means to them.

my first subjects are my dear friends Lisa and Kristy.  I got to know them on a road trip to california last february.  we instantly became best friends. we loved the same music, and the same stupid humor! so many laughs were had on that trip to santa barbara. sometimes i think about that trip and would give anything to go back in time because it was so much fun.

i love these two. they're sisters. they're friends. they're twins.